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NS Turo - Aquatic Program Supervisor

Location: Truro
Central Nova Scotia Civic Centre
Currently Seeking Aquatic Program Supervisor

Start Date: TBA, 2012

Reports To: Aquatic Manager

Position Length: Full Time

Positions Available: (1)

Position Summary

We are seeking a full time Aquatic Program Supervisor who will yield a leadership role in the provision of aquatic programs with a focus on lesson quality assurance. This includes active engagement in the assessment of needs, development, implementation, supervision, and evaluation of private, group, specialized, and leadership programming. The position includes responsibility for in water and hands on staff development, support, training, orientation, scheduling, deployment, and shift coverage.

Reporting to the Aquatic Manager, the Aquatic Program Supervisor will provide support and leadership to the aquatic team through knowledge and resource development to instructional and program services.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform preventative lifeguard responsibilities in accordance with NLS training standards as well as CNSCC policies and procedures. Demonstrates effective lifeguarding techniques
  • Prevent injury and incident by providing effective scanning and education. In an emergency, responds appropriately with communication/rescue response/first aid treatment/and activation of appropriate emergency services
  • Instruct programming according to program provider standards as well as internally established policies and procedures including associated administrative documentation in a professional manner which meets required deadlines
  • Perform continuous risk management and communicate needs or concerns to appropriate personnel
  • Perform routine safety inspections of all aquatic equipment
  • Continuous monitoring of cleanliness and safety within the aquatic centre (including change rooms) and immediately addresses unclean or potentially hazardous conditions by acting in a proactive manner
  • Carries out developed opening and closing protocols. Sets up, takes down, and securely stores all equipment as determined by prearranged scheduling
  • Completes all reports and documents appropriately in a timely manner
  • Oversee administrative responsibilities which may include (i) first aid / emergency response, (ii) Aquafit, (iii) swim lessons, (iv) leadership training, (vi) facility maintenance / equipment, or (vii) assistant instructors/lifeguards
  • Ensure daily assigned tasks are completed to a high standard
  • Ensure replacements are in place for staff members who have reported illness (for all upcoming shifts) and communicate absence to Manager and/or Program Supervisor. Fill in where required if no replacement can be found
  • Ensure the safe use of employee protective equipment
  • Maintain a superior level of fitness and training necessary to fulfill the practical, knowledge, and judgmental components of lifeguarding and instructing and model these skills to your team.
  • Maintain a high level of service excellence by engaging with all members and guests
  • Respond to, or appropriately direct swim programming
  • Coach, mentor, and develop new supervisors, lifeguards and instructors
  • Assist in planning and implementation of ongoing training and professional development opportunities
  • Assist in new employee orientation and training
  • Perform, in a cooperative manner, other duties associated to the safe and effective operation of the Central Nova Scotia Civic Centre as determined necessary by senior management
  • Ensure exceptional program execution by having all material, equipment, and staff ready to go and on time
  • Assist the Manager of Aquatic Services as required

Mandatory Qualifications:
(To be maintained as a condition of employment)

  • National Lifeguard Service Award (NLS) – Pool Option (Current within two years)
  • Instructional Awards: (Current within two years – minimum of one award)
    • Lifesaving Instructor (LSI)
    • Water Safety Instructor (WSI)
    • Swim for Life Instructor (SFL)


  • Standard First Aid (Current within two years)
  • CPR-C and/or HCP (Current within one year)
  • Oxygen Therapy Provider
  • WHMIS Desirable Qualifications:
    • AED Responder
    • National Lifeguard Service Instructor (NLSI - Pool)
    • Lifesaving Instructor Trainer (LSIT)
    • Water Safety Instructor Trainer Award
    • Lifesaving Society Aquatic Supervisory Training
    • Pool Operator 1 (CPO)
    • Certified Aquafit Instructor Award
    • Minimum 2 years’ experience as a Lifeguard / Instructor supervisory experience
    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
    • Ability to work independently and as a contributing member of a team
    • Ability to promote drowning prevention through public education, demonstration, and special events
    • Demonstrate problem solving skills and judgment
    • Ability to be flexible in a fast paced, start-up environment
    • Ability to establish and maintain respectful, cooperative, and professional working relationships with your team and community
    • Experience working with various demographics
    Work Conditions
    • While performing the functions of this job some tasks involve the ability to exert very moderate physical effort including some combinations of standing, standing at a height, sitting, sitting at a height, crouching, walking, climbing, swimming, performing work while wet and/or performing work while wet for extended periods of time
    • Emergency response and continuous in-service training can be physically demanding, which may involve some combination of running, climbing, and swimming. You will be responsible for lifting, carrying, towing, and pulling of heavy objects including distressed persons on land or in water
    • Lifeguards and Instructors must maintain the ability to demonstrate “Must See” items set forth by the appropriate standard setting / certifying body to the satisfaction of the employer at all times of scheduled employment
    • Safe lifting, carrying, and rescue techniques (use of a rescue aid in the water and coordination of rescue with a second rescuer, when possible, are required by the employer)
    • Safe use of all protective / barrier equipment
    • Exposure to a loud, warm, and busy environment
    Criminal Records and Child Abuse Registry checks will be required as part of the hiring process.
    Team Member Benefits
    • Free membership.
    • Discounts on programs and services.
    • Training and professional development opportunities.
    Salary: To Be Negotiated

    We welcome applications from all qualified applicants. Please state the competition number in the subject line of your cover letter. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. For further information on the position please call 893-2224. Applicants are invited to submit a cover letter and resume by Friday, October 26, 2012 to admin@cnscc.ca


  • Central Nova Scotia Civic Centre
    Location: Truro






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