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Quebec-Le Sporting Club Sanctuaire on May 30, 2011

Allow your body to move, your mind to discover and your spirit to soar... 
Cheers to all the Midtown Aqua Team Leaders for your presence at  this great event!

A very special thank you to Nadia Karawani, CALA Certified Leader for her commitment to helping to organize the CALA Aqua Extravaganza on May 30, 2011 at Le Sanctuaire Club. The event was an overwhelming success and sold out days before. The enthusiastic applause following the class was much appreciated by Charlene, as the members actually cheered and smiled broadly as the last notes sounded. 

Many of the fitness instructors from the beautiful Le Sanctuaire Club in Montreal, observed the class from the deck, and were amazed at how all the participants were totally focused on the movements and no one was talking during the session.... this reinforced the magic of CALA's holistic approach to movement where the mind discovers, the body moves and the spirit soars.

Apparently the buzz is still happening at the Club and the Fitness Director is considering more events of this nature as a gift to the aqua participants.

Also thanks go out to Melissa - the fitness coordinator for helping Nadia in ensuring the event was a huge success.

Nadia Karawani:  It is with great pride that I have achieved and continue to maintain professional status as a CALA Certified Leader Specializing in Group Aqua Fitness, Aqua Natal and Aqua Arthritis & Joint Disorders. For 18 years I instructed Aqua Arthritis and Aqua for Seniors Classes at the 'YWCA'.  Presently, I am celebrating my ninth  year at the Midtown Le Sporting Club du Sanctuaire as a Group Aqua Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for Aqua Post Rehab & Aqua Natal.

My philosophy in life: Have a 'Positive' attitude: Learn to use your adversity in life to work for you rather than against you. If your adversity is suffering from a chronic disease, such as, RA, OA, MS, FMS use it as a positive challenge and move towards success as opposed to failure. Set yourself as an example for others. I have used my Arthritis (in remission now) to become a 'JOINT' Ambassadress for CALA.  Finding my passion in the magical healing power of water and by integrating the mind, body and spirit in a holistic approach, has enabled me to make a difference in other people's wellness. The best gift I can ask for!

I am proud that I have been selected, for the third time, among the 'top 9' group for the 'Star Program' which the Midtown Club launches periodically in recognition of excellent contribution, great skills of teaching and commitment towards servicing the Club's Members.

So if I can do it you can do it!

May 30, 2011. Nadia (far left) and some of the Midtown Instructor Team Members celebrate a successful Aqua Extravaganza Master Class led by Charlene Kopansky (red top).

May 30, 2011. Nadia (left) with Charlene, celebrating the awesome class given as a gift by the Midtown Club to the dedicated group of aquafitters! Special thanks to Nadia for contribution in the planning of this successful event


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