Enhance Aquafitness Leadership

CALA Conference Mississauga
Cala Land Meets Water workshops at the Nav Can Fitness Centre
CALA Trainer, Oded Netzer continues to train and certify leaders in Israel. We are proud to feature the recent CALA - Total Fitness Israel Group Aquafitness Certified Leaders, February 2019.
Total Fitness Israel Group Aquafitness Certified Leaders, February 2019.
Kirkland Lake Workshops 2019
Terrace Lodge Aylmer VWT
CALA - VWT course pictures-Boulevard Club

May 30, 2011. Nadia (left) with Charlene, celebrating the awesome class given as a gift by the Midtown Club to the dedicated group of aquafitters! Special thanks to Nadia for contribution in the planning of this successful event

May 30, 2011. Nadia (far left) and some of the Midtown Instructor Team Members celebrate a successful Aqua Extravaganza Master Class led by Charlene Kopansky (red top).

Great Pictures from Mom and Me - pictures are from Red Deer, Courtesy of CALA Certified Leader Deb Simmons
Manitoba Fitness Council's conference 2018
Pictures from the VWT Mississauga ON July 2010
Wilma teaches her CALA classes at the Chateau Whistler in the rain, snow and sunshine. Participants and hotel guests love it.
Pictures - Post Rehabilitation Certification course - Mississauga April 2010
Aqua Water Running June 2009 - Mississauga Ontario
Pictures - CALA Winter Conference 2009 Okotoks Alberta Canada

CALA Winter Conference at the Okotoks Recreation Centre, Alberta January 31, Feb 1, 2009: Darin teasing Charlene, during the Point of Interest workshop

Darin and Charlene teaching Aqua Africana - Okotoks

A Tethered Workout
Virgin Active Discovery Health Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa

Mo Hagan, AJ Green, Darin Dieterich, Charlene Kopansky... friends and conference presenters as well! 

South Africa, Aquafit enthusiasts learning how to practice on deck leadership

Kitchener Conference 2012
Sawmill Creek Ontario VWT and GAF training 
United Kingdom March Extravaganza Workshop
VWT course in Kamloops BC.

VWT course at the Aquadome

20th Anniversary Event
Aqua Yoga
Hydro Rider
Boot Camp
Water Walking