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Katherine McKeown

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Patrick Lévesque retires from the CALA family.  He will be missed by everyone.


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As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have helped to shape our lives. It’s been quite a year for us all! CALA hopes that 2019 has been just as memorable for you, your colleagues and your loved ones. We look forward to working with you in the years to come.



CALA Movement Matters Workshop May 15th, 2019 at the Canada Games Centre, Whitehorse, YT.
Message from Penny at RPAY…. Nathan is a superstar! It is never easy to be the final act in a three day, intensive workshop but he was able to pull it off with flying colours! The participants who stayed commented that the CALA workshop should be offered at every Spring Aquatics workshop in the Yukon. Thank you for all your work, Charlene pulling this together and Nathan.. thank you for meeting the group where they were at, being aware of the challenges and for brining such great energy to the group.

CALA at the York Region Spring Fling event on May 15, 2019 at
Markham Pan Am Centre.

Charlene Kopansky and Katherine McKeown experienced a successful Trade Show, with so many conference delegates congratulating CALA on continuing to offer the Gold Standard in Vertical Water Training.
CALA is GOLD, providing opportunities for individuals to Gain, Outstanding, Leadership, Delivery skills.

Charlene and her leadership team are at the
Toronto Canfitpro conference August 16-18 2019.

See you next year at the conference

March 16, 2019

CALA having fun practicing the CALA Base moves at West Scarborough Community Centre, May 2019. Oops, couldn’t fir everyone in the picture - this is a warm and friendly group of new CALA enthusiasts. One more day to complete the VWT training. Next steps... a CALA Group Aquafit Course June 25-June 27 in West Scarborough

Pictures from Mexico below.  Conference details  pdf 

VWT and GAF Terrace BC April 2019


Israel Group Aquafitness Certified Leaders, February 2019.

CALA Trainer, Oded Netzer continues to train and certify leaders in Israel. We are proud to feature the recent CALA - Total Fitness Israel Group Aquafitness Certified Leaders, February 2019.

Oded Netzer web page Total Fitness   


Check the Upcoming page for future offerings in Israel

Cheers Charlene Kopansky


Contact CALA for the Power Music CALA discount code.

This code will give 10% off any purchase on the Power Music website (excluding our Power Music Now subscription). This code will expire at the end of the year.

The POWER MUSIC NOW subscription service is definitely a favourable deal for instructors. It’s $14.95 per month and offers a 30 day free trial for everyone. This gives an instructor unlimited Power Music albums AND unlimited ClickMixes via our pitch control mobile app player. This is by far the best service for Group Aqua Fitness instructors!

Charlene Kopansky,

Thanks Lois for hosting the Cala Land Meets Water workshops at the Nav Can Fitness Centre. We had a great day of fun and leaning!

Hi Charlene,

Here’s my Aquafit December focus. The Abdominal Snowman has been a hit with everyone, including the ‘6-pack rectus abdominus’ featured front and centre. Planning to add proper anatomical terminology as the month progresses.

I found the image (copyright and patent free) online. Cropped the image and printed small sections; taped the snowman together piece by piece. Not difficult and the end result has been worth the time and effort.

Cheerios everyone,  Linda


Hi Charlene,

Here’s my latest if you are interested in sharing.

Inspire yourself and your class with a theme. My January theme has been ‘Hydrate’ as shown by my large-sized Water Molecule. Robbie Burns Day this week was the perfect time to capitalize on a theme—make the most of the moment. In this case, Water Molecule sported a tam, I tossed on a kilt, and popped a few Scottish tunes into the playlist. Even though not everyone was familiar with Robbie Burns, everyone had an excellent workout, some taking the high road and others the low. ‘Fun Gets Done’.

Good news for all members of Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (TRO). If you take CALA approved courses and earn CALA Education Credits (CECs), you may now use them as credit towards TRO registration under the non-TRO-sponsored event category.

CALA celebrates the accomplishments of it Members

Dale Douglas, one of our talented CALA Presenters and Certified leaders has a very talented daughter. It is always great to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our CALA members and their children.
Sarah Douglas qualifies Canada in the Laser Radial class for the 2020 Olympics
Friday, August 10th, 2018 - Kingston, ON

Canadian Sailing Team Member, Sarah Douglas worked her way up the scoreboard at the 2018 Hempel Sailing World Championships Aarhus in Denmark. The Laser Radial sailor showed impressive skills throughout the event, sailing consistently in the challenging conditions that Aarhus offered with multiple top 5 finishes, including a bullet in Race 6.

Sarah hit the water strong today, competing in her first medal race at a World Championships. She held her own in the fleet of Olympians, Medalists, and World Championships as Aarhus delivered shifty winds ranging from 6 - 25 knots, finishing 7th in the Medal Race and 6th overall.

Sarah credits her success to hard work and dedication, as she has successfully secured Canada a berth in the Laser Radial class for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, "I’m incredibly happy with my racing this week. Aarhus brought a variety of conditions and I’m happy to put together a solid regatta. It was my first medal race and I was very excited to be out racing in epic conditions with the top girls in the world. Securing the Olympic spot was the goal and I’m happy to have done that for Canada. Now the focus is to rest before heading to Japan in September for the next World Cup in Enoshima and setting up training for the year." - Sarah Douglas  Congratulations to all Canadian Sailors competing at the event!

A blast from the past

Talk about conjuring up great memories. Georgina, a CALA leader, from Newfoundland, who became certified in 1999 just reconnected with me to show me her CALA Jacket.

Love this! 

  Aqua Strength and Conditioning Workshop - CALA Instructor Kristin Murphy

Hi Charlene
Kristin was great! She was totally awesome even though the projector wasn’t supplied. She winged it like a pro.

It was really great to hear from other instructors and get ideas from them. It was great!

I also really really like the articles you post on Facebook. Those are great! It was such a coincidence that a client asked me for more knee exercises and then before the next class there it was, an article giving aqua knee exercises. I incorporated some of them and most of the people came up to me saying “that is exactly what I wanted.

”Thank you :)  Best regards Janet

Note from CALA Certified Leader, Wilma Weidner of Quattro Aquatics

The Fairmont Hotel has raised the pool temperature and it’s about 34 degrees C!

I now have a few people in the lap pool and a few in the main pool and I stand in the middle doing a harder work out and a mellow - anchored program at the same time !!

(For 30 minutes than they join the warm water for anchored and stretch moves)

Tons of fun because I like a challenge

Going into this condition again. Lap pool is in the back. Doing more obliques ;)

Wilma teaches her CALA classes at the Chateau Whistler in the rain, snow and sunshine.  Participants and hotel guests love it.

Fabulous testimonial for Katherine… Sept 24th workshop in Norfolk County.

Feedback 1 Sept 24th workshop in Norfolk County

Good morning

Just wanted to pass along that my staff really enjoyed the workshop last night! Katherine – my team can be hard to impress, but they certainly enjoyed your presentation. Thanks and I look forward to having you return to do another course/workshop in the future.

Thanks Lisa

Feedback 2 Sept 24th workshop in Norfolk County

Hi Katherine, Thank you for your Workshop Presentation last evening. By the time I got to the Workshop Evaluation at the end of the session my brain just wasn’t providing me with meaningful things I wanted to share with you. I’ve collected a few of those thoughts here. By no means does my note capture the ‘whole picture’ of the learning that happened for me.

Thank you for the rich vocabulary, the motivational (and might I add succinct ) phrases that definitely bring power and meaning to the class. I was thrilled to expand my repertoire of useful verbal and visual cues. In addition to the specific things I learned from your presentation, your comments & anecdotes, flipped a switch for me. Light bulbs went on reminding me of teaching strategies that have been the mainstay of my career. Fun? Yes it was. Humour? Needed and you interject it so well. It matters to me that everyone find the personal enjoyment, fun, and fulfillment that comes from an active and now I add ‘Aquatic’ Lifestyle. Works for me.

I taught Aquafitness this morning. Well, after being with you last evening, I felt empowered to teach and to connect. Loved it. It was like riding a bike. Faces beamed when I caught the group doing things well and complimented on their efforts. (A story for you: I taught in a number of schools and as you know not all administrators are what we might like to have as our leaders. One in particular was somewhat difficult. I immediately immersed myself in a number of CDs with Lessons: How to Train Killer Sharks. Bingo Bongo…6 months later, well the administrator was just fine. Caught him in the good acts often enough that eventually his good acts outnumbered the others#&^%&)

It was my attendance at your workshop last evening that gave me a treasure chest of ideas and strategies. And, you empowered me to do it, to teach. And it was great fun. I only exaggerated a wrong move 2x. Laughter and smiles appeared.

I have much to learn and look forward to doing that. Meanwhile, you have helped me make the most of what I currently know and understand about Aquafitness.

Thanks Katherine, Have a great day,  Cheerios  ~Linda

Feedback 3 Sept 24th workshop in Norfolk County

Hi Charlene,
Katherine is such an outstanding course leader & she made the whole presentation engaging and totally enjoyable-just as you would expect. I found the material quite worthwhile and thought it would be a lovely addendum to any of the CALA training sessions. Having said that, the exchange of ideas & information was particularly helpful to me, especially now that I have some knowledge under my own belt, so perhaps it would be better as an offering at one of your conferences.

Simcoe was a relatively long drive; also the timing was a bit difficult, however I’m glad to see the course content as one of your workshop topics!
With Gratitude,

Physical Therapy - one step at a time Physical Therapy – One Step At A Time

Mesothelioma is a difficult form of cancer that develops in the individual's interior lung lining. From there, it can grow out of control and spread through the body, and doctors typically prescribe an equally aggressive regimen of chemotherapy in order to control and defeat the condition. However, such treatments can often have unwanted side effects in the patient, including fatigue, nausea and loss of appetite. In order to minimize such pains, many doctors recommend physical therapy as a way for patients to get back in control of their life and improve their sense of well-being during treatments. Physical therapy can provide individuals with a number of health benefits, many of which can reduce the symptoms that come with intensive chemotherapy.

Improving Breathing

Not all physical therapy focuses on muscular development. Through respiratory therapy, individuals are able to open their airways better and reduce a number of unwanted side effects that come with pleural mesothelioma. Through regular care and practice, individuals will be better equipped to combat difficulty breathing, painful coughing and general pain when breathing. These symptoms often worsen with the progression of the disease, but physical therapy can help individuals strengthen their lungs and airways in order to fight against the symptoms and reduce the pain they feel.

Increasing Mobility

Fatigue manifests in a number of different ways, and many patients may feel as though they are not able to move as freely as they could have before treatments. Through physical therapy practices, patients will be able to increase their mobility and enjoy a number of additional benefits. These practices focus largely on incremental stretches and basic exercise, which help improve the individual's levels of activity. This can allow them to begin performing daily tasks again, such as cooking and bathing, and it can be an invaluable way for patients to regain some of their normalcy back after such a difficult period.

Optimizing Overall Fitness

Because of the system of exercising that physical therapy encourages, patients will have the chance to enjoy a greater degree of personal health. Any type of exercise can be enough to reduce muscular atrophy and provide the body with metabolic benefits . Through physical therapy, patients will be able to reduce their pain symptoms and fight against the cancer much more actively because of how much better the cells will be able to function. By directly combating fatigue and pain, patients will also be able to improve their outlook when it comes to their treatment. The effects of positive thinking in the fight against a debilitating disease have long been documented, and individuals who feel better will ultimately be able to combat cancer better.

Those who would like to begin changing their personal care routine for the better should be sure to speak with a medical professional at their earliest convenience. A capable doctor will be able to point patients in the right direction when it comes to physical therapy, and a steady regimen can be just what individuals need to feel better after rigorous chemotherapy treatments.

Charlene on the cover of Canfitpro Magazine - November 2016
Charlene and the other presenters at the the Woman Who Influence Event in August

Blast from the Past - 2004

Cape Town, South Africa, thanks to Dianne B - a wonderful CALA Ambassador and Host: Fox Fitness, 2004

Getting Ready for 2016
CALA Spring Conference 2015 - Flashback June Conferences in Timmins, Canmore and Dollard-Des-Ormeaux., Getting ready for 2016

New Aqua Yoga Courses for January 2016

Aqua Yoga Booster in Toronto January 17
Aqua Yoga Training and Certification Course in Ottawa, Jan 22, 23, 24
Aqua Yoga Course in Toronto, July 8, 9, 10

CALA - Greenwood Nova Scotia in November 2015

Group picture of our class participating in the CALA VWT + GAF Course, at 14Wing Greenwood, Nova Scotia  In our few spare moments we visited the beautiful Bay of Fundy (I am in one picture - blue jacket) and Gwen, one of the course participants is in the other picture
Charlene Kopansky,  President and Founder canfitpro Lifetime Achievement Award 2013

Check out what CALA members are offering in their communities… So very cool!
Always full of fun and very entertaining, Jane Jones, Kelowna, BC leading a Halloween Theme Class, October 2015 at The Parkinson Recreation Centre. Who knew this high level ironman athlete would wear a cheerleading outfit… Go Jane Go. CALA Booth at York Regional Spring Fling with Charlene Kopansky! Spreading the joy of movement in Water. CALA Spring Conference, Kitchener, Ontario… The pool was absolutely packed as enthusiastic instructors created loads of turbulence motivated by CALA Presenter, Dylan Harries.

The Thank You Card from Course Participants –
Wingate Institute, Israel – December 8, 2010
Translation from Hebrew to English

In Hebrew, the meaning of CALA is Bride, in a wedding.

We are very happy to be the Groom of the Bride, for this first CALA program in Israel.

We hope that you felt in love with us and in our country as we fell in love with you.

Thank you for a week of very rewarding and intensive study that helped us to grow and become enriched.

We enjoyed every moment. We will be happy to be in contact with you and with CALA.

This is our first season of CALA in Israel, at the Wingate Institute,
December 2 – 8, 2010 and we look forward to many more…


Pioneer CALA Class Participants: Mor, Idit, Ronit, Uzi, Hetz, Riki,
Shirley, Ofer, Karni, Tami, Nissim, Yaffa, Idan,

Here is an exciting new program our friends in Bracebridge
launched in September.

Sit/Stand At Your Desk

Research Round Up by Rob Duncan, Edited by Charlene Kopansky

Conducted by Jack Callaghan, Canada Research Chair in Spine Biomechanics and Injury Prevention, Department of Kinesiology, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences at the University of Waterloo and the leading expert on spine mechanics in Canada. first laboratory-controlled study offers new sit-to-stand workstation guidelines


Water Works!

A young man suffering from a serious back injury came to the pool with his child. He kept a close eye on the exercises the instructor was doing with client. He asked can you make me walk, the doctors said I would never walk. I’ve been in the wheelchair for 4 years now. No promises the instructor said but if you want to try we can work together. After 1.5years a miracle happened. Up to then the instructor move the man’s legs. One day he said, I want to do it myself. With total commitment he started to move his legs himself. With time the instructor would tell him the exercise and he would do them. When he went to the doctor, the doctor noticed major changes. He asked what he was doing. The man said exercising in the water. When he told the doctor the exercises he was able to do, the doctor said it is not possible, your movements are spontaneous muscle contractions. There is no way you will ever be able to control your movements. The man said to the doctor, the instructor tells me the exercise and I do them. The instructors mixes up the movements so I have no idea what they are going to make me do. How can this be spontaneous muscle movement. The long story short is, he now walks with braces and has returned to work.


Another reason to cross train – Land Meets Water…

Water is magical - buoyancy unloads the body, and impact decreases with increasing depth of immersion.

Athletes and other fitness enthusiasts who participate in land based activities that include a significant amount of ‘landing’ run the risk of developing a condition called foot-strike hemolysis. This may result in rupturing of red blood cells affecting the ability of the body to maintain the iron needed to carry oxygen.

Runners have been found to develop hemolysis, whereas long distance cyclists have not. Schumacher et al, 2002 suggested that repeated foot strikes associated with running destroy red blood cells.

Water works!

Mary Lou's Hydrorider training in Timmins,
I am available for autographs...LOL

We have started our “free” trails this week, and so far so good. Everyone seems to love them!
We really enjoyed training with you…we will have to look at some different training for next year and get you back up to us!!
Amanda Nadeau
Aquatic Supervisor CAP, RRFS
The Corporation of the City of Timmins

Join Dale (CALA certified instructor) at Port St. Charles Barbados Wellness Schedule Winter 2014/15  Download copy of the schedule pdf
Port St. Charles Wellness Barbados
We look forward to welcoming CALA members and friends to beautiful Barbados. Our aquafit classes take place in the warm Caribbean Sea. Check out our Facebook Page: Port St. Charles Wellness Barbados and our You Tube channel.

Aqua Cycling - Charlene's response

Great to see an article regarding training in water featuring the HydroRider. CALA Inc. is the approved training and certification organization for HydroRider in Canada. We recommend, where possible, to place the bike so that the body is immersed from chest to shoulder depth. There are several reasons: increasing the depth of immersion unloads the body (think gravity reduction), decreasing gravity, decreases saddle soreness often associated with land based cycling; water provides hydrostatic pressure on the chest wall challenging the work of breathing,  this enhances the training effect on the respiratory muscles thereby improving breathing capacity on land; with the arms/shoulders immersed, a variety of upper body movements are designed to complement the leg cycling action, thereby training the upper body in a number of planes... think multi-directional resistance (chest, shoulders, back & abdominals are worked along with the legs and gluteals). Next, immersion in water facilitates venous return (return of blood back to the heart), increasing stroke volume and cardiac output, reducing the training heart rate. Enhanced venous return is due to hydrostatic pressure, turbulence, buoyancy and thermal conductivity. This does not mean that the training effect is lower. It means the training heart rate is lower for a given intensity than it would be on land, the good news.. the training effect is unaffected. When sitting on the saddle, you must engage the deep core and body stabilizing muscles, especially if you are moving the upper body (arms) while legs are cycling. The arm and leg movements generate turbulence and the body needs to work isometrically, activating the core muscles and postural muscles to remain stable in the saddle... You definitely get a cardiovascular workout, it does not feel the same as a workout on land... Why? You remain relatively cool and refreshed while exercising, due to thermal conductivity - Water draws excess heat away from the body about 25 x faster than exercising on land; you are performing concentric muscle action and avoiding eccentric muscle action. Concentric muscle action does not contribute to DOMS: delayed onset muscle soreness. Gravity unloads the body! There is so much more to share about Vertical Water Training, using the Charlene Kopansky Method.

Read the full article at

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