Welcome to the Canadian Aquafit Leader's Alliance (CALA) web page.  It is time for you to start your journey towards achieving your CALA Aquafit  Instructor Certification. Your journey starts by registering in the CALA Vertical Water Training (VWT - Prerequisite) followed by registering in Group Aqua Fitness Certification (GAF).  See Upcoming Schedule on this page for dates and time along with other CALA Scheduled Events.  Register by contacting CALA at  416-751-9823 or CALA_AQUA@mac.com   Charlene Kopansky looks forward to you becoming a member of the CALA Team of Internationally Recognized Aquafit Instructors.  Earn CALA CECs that never expire.  CALA training events are accredited by canfit pro, BCRPA, SPRA, OFC, DFES, TRO, AFLCA. 

Recognized as the Gold Standard in Water Fitness Specialty Programs
Aqua Kickbox, Aqua Cycling, Aqua Running/Jogging, Aqua CALA Infused Yoga, Aqua Barre, Aqua Pre/Post Natal, Aqua Older Adult, Aquafitness and Healing Waters: Aquatic Post Rehabilitation - Training and Certification

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Our thoughts are with those affected by covid-19 and to those who put their lives on the line so we may live.

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Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance Inc. (CALA)

The Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance Inc. (CALA), is dedicated to providing a high quality training, certification and communication network for aquafitness leaders and aquatic rehabilitation specialists. CALA promotes professionalism and excellence through thoughtful integration of the mind, body and spirit.

Charlene Kopansky, President and Founder
Certifying Internationally Recognized Aquafit Leaders since 1993
Hons. B.Sc., Human Kinetics, B.Ed. Sc., P.H.E., canfitpro Lifetime Achievement Award pictures

How to become a Certified CALA Aquafit Instructor.

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Accreditation:  Workshops & Conferences accredited by CALA, canfitpro, BCRPA, SPRA, OFC, CFES TRO

CALA Courses are also canfitpro accredited * 4FIS, 4PTS, 4OAS 
CALA training events are routinely eligible for AFLCA continuing education credits. If you are AFLCA Certified, you will need to petition for credits using the
AFLCA CEC Petition Application forms


As a result of the Corona virus, CALA has had to postpone planned in person facility training events.

Why choose Water as your exercise media?

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Water Works!

A young man suffering from a serious back injury came to the pool with his child. He kept a close eye on the exercises the instructor was doing with client. He asked can you make me walk, the doctors said I would never walk. I’ve been in the wheelchair for 4 years now. No promises the instructor said but if you want to try we can work together. After 1.5years a miracle happened. Up to then the instructor moved the man’s legs. One day he said, I want to do it myself. With total commitment he started to move his legs himself. With time the instructor would tell him the exercise and he would do them. When he went to the doctor, the doctor noticed major changes. He asked what he was doing. The man said exercising in the water. When he told the doctor the exercises he was able to do, the doctor said it is not possible, your movements are spontaneous muscle contractions. There is no way you will ever be able to control your movements. The man said to the doctor, the instructor tells me the exercise and I do them. The instructors mixes up the movements so I have no idea what they are going to make me do. How can this be spontaneous muscle movement. The long story short is, he now walks with braces and has returned to work.



Another reason to cross train – Land Meets Water… Water works!

Water is magical - buoyancy unloads the body, and impact decreases with increasing depth of immersion.

Athletes and other fitness enthusiasts who participate in land based activities that include a significant amount of ‘landing’ run the risk of developing a condition called foot-strike haemolysis. This may result in rupturing of red blood cells affecting the ability of the body to maintain the iron needed to carry oxygen.

Runners have been found to develop hemolysis, whereas long distance cyclists have not. Schumacher et al, 2002 suggested that repeated foot strikes associated with running destroy red blood cells.


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