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CALA Mississauga Conferences April 13 2013  


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April 13, 2013 
Mississauga ON
Clarkson Pool
Brochure, Registration & Presenter Bios

   Mississauga days to conference
2014  Date to be announced
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Mississauga ON
A few pictures from the CALA Mississauga Conference April 13, 2013

If you are interested in joining the conference volunteer team, please contact CALA. The CALA volunteer team goes "the extra mile" to make the event the great success it always is. Our volunteers are multi-talented, acting first and foremost as ambassadors for the CALA organization. There are benefits to volunteering. Contact CALA to discuss the benefits.

The volunteer's conference roles include:

  • Picture taking

  • Trouble shooting

  • Setup and cleanup

  • Taking attendance

  • Decorating the host facility

  • Controlling the music and sound

  • Serving meals and refreshments

  • Distributing and copying handouts

  • Welcoming delegates and presenters

  • Promoting and marketing the conference

  • Answering questions and directing candidates

  • Organizing the pool facility including equipment

  • Helping at the CALA booth... and so much more

  • Setting up the theory and practical dry land sessions

  • Providing administrative support at CALA headquarters

  • Distributing handouts, collecting and collating feedback forms

  • Welcoming, assisting and familiarizing delegates and presenters


  • Vendors or individuals who would like to donate prizes for the CALA conference should contact CALA to discuss their contribution.

Delegate Inserts

  • Vendors or individuals who would like to contribute delegate inserts should contact CALA to discuss their contribution.

Guest Speakers

  • If you would like to be a special guest speaker during breaks, contact CALA. CALA welcomes guest speakers from all fields of fitness such as nutrition, fitness music, stretches, health issues, advancements in Aquafit, employment, business, etc.

  • Add some light humour to the conference by performing (musical or acting) for your fellow Aquafit enthusiasts.


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