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Formateurs  - Team of Trainers

Meet Our Talented Team Of Trainers
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President and Owner

Kopansky, Charlene  B.Sc. Human Kinetics, B. Ed., CALA Inc. was founded by this dynamic, dedicated individual who embodies a vision of excellence. Charlene taught Biology, Science and PHE. and dance fitness classes at university. Her skills in dance choreography, water running, personal training, fitness and aqua fitness leadership have made her a popular presenter in Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Cuba, Dominican Republic, UK, Israel, South Africa and New Zealand. Awards include 'Top Presenter' and Presenter of the Year-Germany, Volunteer Recognition and Leadership Awards-OFC, Who's Who of Canadian Women in Fitness-Chatelaine Mag., Fitness Leader of the Year-Fitness Institute, and Specialty Presenter of the Year-CFP.

Master Trainers

Weerdenburg, Carol  M.Sc. CALA Master Trainer, Gymstick, BenderBall Master Trainer, Certified YMCA-YWCA, CFP, as lead research consultant and presenter, Carol is developing and refreshing a host of projects exclusively for CALA Inc. Current projects include CALA Pre and Post Cardiac Conditioning, Older Adult-Falls Prevention, Aqua PT and CALA~HydroRider Specialty Training and Certification. Get charged up by Carol's authentic, meaningful motivational presentation style that mixes science with the magic of Reiki


  Berthault, Maryvonne: CALA National Presenter, Trainer and Assessor, CALA and YMCA certified Aquafitness Instructor; CALA HydroRider and AquaRunning Specialist, YMCA and Can-Fit-Pro Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor Specialist.

Maryvonne has over twenty years’ experience catering to personal training clients on land and in the water and teaching aquafitness and small groups. She writes and presents CALA Workshops in Quebec and Canada. She is an avid cyclist, runner, swimmer, skier and backpacker dedicated to healthy posture. Maryvonne loves sharing her knowledge and passion for health and wellness. Bilingual

Berthault, Maryvonne  - Présenteur national, Formateur et évaluateur CALA ; Instructeur d’aquaforme certifiée CALA et YMCA ; Spécialiste en course et vélo aquatique CALA ; Entraîneur personnel et instructeur en groupe YMCA et Can-Fit-Pro.

Maryvonne a plus de vingt ans d’expérience en aquaforme et en entraînement personnel. Maryvonne écrit et présente des ateliers et formations CALA au Québec et au Canada. Passionnée de plein air (randonnée, ski, cyclisme, course, natation), dédiée à la bonne posture, Maryvonne adore partager ses connaissances et son engouement de l’activité physique, de la santé et du bien-être. Bilingue.

DeGrace, Amanda : Accelerate your career and be empowered by Amanda DeGrace, respected fitness professional and leader in the fitness and wellness industry. Energy, charisma and an amazing passion for life are qualities displayed by Amanda in both her everyday life and her fitness and movement classes. Amanda has a degree from the University of Ottawa in Leisure Studies, and is currently studying with the Alive Academy of Natural Health. Besides her dedication to continuous education and learning, Amanda enjoys working with her clients and fitness professionals enhancing their overall quality of life through enrichment of the mind, body and spirit. Amanda is currently teaching throughout the City of Ottawa, as well as presenting and training across Canada. Amanda has been sharing her passion since a young age, starting out as a Trainer for the Lifesaving Society of Canada in First Aid, AED, Airway Management, National Lifeguard training & many more! This eagerness to learn and enhance the mind, body and spirit lead her to the health and fitness industry, and became a Trainer, Assessor and Presenter with CALA & YMCA of Canada. Amanda has combined her love for aquatic and fitness with her business DeGrace Energetics. DeGrace Energetics develops, implements and coordinates specialty programs, with current emphasis on their Little Lotus Yoga program for Children, ages 2-11, and Fit Girl Workshop series for girls ages 10-14. Be inspired and empowered as Amanda shares her enthusiasm to keep moving, keep fit and keep it fun! For more information please visit Amanda's website at www.amandadegrace.ca
Harries, Dylan  {B. Rec., B.Sc. (HK), C.A.T} is a renowned fitness presenter who travels the world inspiring his participants with his passion and knowledge of all forms of physical activity. With over 19 years of fitness experience, Dylan is the Regional Director of the Kanata YMCA-YWCA in Ottawa Canada. In his spare time, he is an award winning athletic trainer and performance coach for world level figure skaters. Dylan is CALA (Trainer), CFP (PTS/FIS), YMCA (T For T), Gym-Stick, HydroRider, SPI (2), Spinning (star 2), Bender Ball (Trainer), Bosu Balance Trainer, Gliding and NCCP (2) certified.
Laporte, Chantal Athletic Therapy, M.Sc. Neurological studies.  Chantal Laporte, B.Sc., M.Sc.  Gestionnaire du Centre des Loisirs de Kanata à Ottawa, active dans l’industrie du conditionnement physique depuis plus de 16 ans comme instructrice et formatrice. Certifiée avec le YMCA/YWCA et CALA.  Formatrice depuis 1996 avec le Y de Montréal et Ottawa et depuis 2000 avec CALA.  A le plaisir de former, entraîner et d’évaluer maints instructeurs et de présenter plusieurs ateliers en français et anglais au Québec et en Ontario
Leblanc, Marie Claude , B.Sc., Kin, PT, CALA trainer, YMCA certified with 10+ years experience in fitness and rehabilitation. Executive Director of Quebec Kinesiologist Federation, responsible for the FACA program at University of Montreal, Marie Claude operates a personal training and rehab business while pursuing her masters at University of Montreal in medicine.
Marr, Line , 14 years in Fitness. Trainer for CALA, Certified CALA and CanFitPro Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Director at Chateau Cartier Relais/Resort Health Spa. Honours: Algonquin College Fitness and Lifestyle Management. Line brings a clear presentation style and humour with an infectious enthusiasm for performance skills and aquatic exercise.
Notargiovanni, Karl : B.F.A. Choreography; CALA Trainer; Massage Therapist, Moksha Yoga Instructor, opening a Yoga Studio in Vancouver, May 1, 2011, Karl is skilled at blending several disciplines to connect movement, memory and imagery encouraging the practice of engaging the body through consciousness. Teaching for over 13 years, he has developed a unique edge to his leadership. Karl is passionate about exploring these connections and sharing them through energetic classes and workshops.
Queen, Jennie , a Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant and Programming Specialist with over 12 years in aquafitness. CALA certified, CALA trainer with numerous aquatic and fitness qualifications and a diploma in Early Childhood Education, Fitness and Nutrition, Jennie coordinates over 80 classes per week. Her enthusiasm for water and fitness is contagious: come experience the synergy.

Queen, Jennie,  baigne dans le domaine aquatique depuis 38 ans, possède un diplôme en fitness et gestion de mode de vie et développe maintenant des formations, donne des conférences et enseigne plusieurs aspects du domaine du fitness et de l’aquatique. Jennie est également superviseure aquatique et fitness pour la ville d’Ottawa. Certifiée instructeur d’aquaforme CALA et canfitpro/SPI en cours de groupe et entraînement individuel, Jennie fait parti des experts, conférencières et présentatrice CALA qui partage continuellement son expertise et sa passion pour le monde de l’aquatique et du fitness.

Rousseau, Christine, Ste. Anne Des Lac, Quebec, Canada

Apprentice Trainers

Lévesque, Patrick : CALA Certified, an Apprentice Trainer and an elite member of the CALA~HydroRider Specialty Team, Patrick brings 25 years of experience in the aquatic field, Granby, Quebec to our conference. Patrick is fit as a fiddle and a fabulous role model. Welcome aboard Patrick.

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