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Charlene Kopansky,
President & Founder,
canfitpro Life Time Achievement Award



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Pictures and Videos 


Enhance Aquafitness Leadership - Catching the CALA Wave 

Instructors Practicing

Tibatta Class

Charlene and Sheila conference

Aging Population

 Aqua Gentle

HydroRider Rehab

Tai chi

Charlene demonstrating

Water Running VO2 Max

Personal Training Senior

Shallow Water Class

CALA Boot Camp

Gait Aquafit Class

Equipment Class

Personal Training

Celtic  Aquafit Class

Tap in the Calm Class

Aquafit Stretches

CALA Latin Flavour

Charlene in Mexico

Charlene teaching

Karl Integrating Aqua Yoga

 Liquid Gym

Instructor demonstrating some equipment used in the pool.

Aqua Fibro.

Aqua Sport.

Shallow Water Class


Aqua Kick Box

Instructor practicing

Aqua Kick Box Conference

30 Seconds to Success

Aqua Bender Ball

Diaper Fit

Equipment Demonstration

Aqua Cycling around the World

Deepwater Tether

Challenging Choreography

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