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Choreography & Music 

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Music                                                          Choreography

Make sure you understand the licensing regulations of using music for personal use, sale of commercial merchandise such as sell of videos, individual use such as a fitness class, and virtual use such as streaming.

SOCAN Fall 2013 (pdf)
Charlene participated in this document


SOCAN licenses the use of music.  It is important for you to know the rules of using music for fitness classes. Do you know what you can play during virtual classes, in person, sold merchandise

You or your employer must have the correct license for you to play music during your class. If your facility does not carry the appropriate license you must have your own.

Use legal music only 

Power Music www.powermusic.com

Yes Fitness Music  www.yesfitnessmusic.com

Muscle Mix  https://musclemixes.com/

Monthly Music Suggestions:  Keep an open mind when selecting music for your Aquafit Class

These are all instrumental for a gentle class or a class where you want background music

October 2021    

DOWNLOADS - Specialty - Muscle Mixes Music

DOWNLOADS - Class - Aquatics - Muscle Mixes Music

DOWNLOADS - BPM - 120-130 - Page 2 - Muscle Mixes Music

September 2021    

Hot Latino 4 (powermusic.com)

17 Again! PowerMix Vol. 5 - Country Rocks (powermusic.com)

Cardio Tennis Global Vol. 2 (powermusic.com)

August 2021  126 bpm    

Seniors Gold Vol. 2 : Yes! Fitness Music (yesfitnessmusic.com)

Play The Music : Yes! Fitness Music (yesfitnessmusic.com)

Aqua Super Hits 11 : Yes! Fitness Music (yesfitnessmusic.com)

July 2021 Instrumental    

In The Mood For Big Band Vol. 1 Pure Instrumental : Yes! Fitness Music (yesfitnessmusic.com)

Classical Yoga : Yes! Fitness Music (yesfitnessmusic.com)

Music For Grownups : Yes! Fitness Music (yesfitnessmusic.com)

CALA BPM Recommendations


Create a well balanced 4 phase class


  • LAPS
  • SA
  • ROM
  • SOM

It is important to have a Balance choreography to ensure the participants experience the full benefits of your excises.

Sample class

Charlene and Sheila conference

CALA Instructors teach from a Holistic Perspective

Each Phase address Holism:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit

Each movement affects the body in a specific way that may vary from participant to participant (same below - sample affects).

Have you considered offering either a full Aqua Kickbox class or introducing some Kickbox movements into your generic Aquafit classes. Kickbox classes include Upper and Lower Body movements which are combined to a series of choreographed blocks.


Deep water choreography


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